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The Crap Farm is in fifteen days (minus a day for packing along with a day for setting up, so that is really thirteen days) plus I'm attempting to do all my typical chores around here plus keep up with two booths photo booth temecula, control my ebay income (gradual, but picking up), quest and accumulate Crap Ranch merchandise, obtain it prepared and charged plus find out the design of the booth.

I am opening a cubicle at the Oviedo Antique Mall in Oviedo beyond Orlando. I had to permit that move when I transferred back to Orlando, although I'd a cubicle in Wildwood many years previously with my Mother... But now I am back!! I've a cubicle in Colorado and my best-sellers are painted structures and reflection trays, decorated furniture (dark or white) I'venot ventured with additional colors yet!)& Aprons that I make. I've a booth in Jacksonville, Fl. What sell for me personally are side-tables, night mirrors and stands.